facts about reproductive system

It is not important to read about reproductive system when you have appointment with your vaginoplasty surgery specialist or you have to go through o shot procedure. Reproductive system is part of your body; therefore, you should read about it. 

Read below to know more about it. 

  1. Sperms are the smallest cells. It’s size 5mm by 3mm whereas there is another which is the largest cell having a diameter of 120mm. 
  2. The average size of penis 6 inches. According to surveys, the smallest penis and the largest penis sizes are 1.6 and 10.2 inches respectively. 
  3. Vagina is acidic. Its average pH is 4.5, according to Food and Drug Administration, because of the presence of bacteria that keep the vaginal ecosystem healthy and away from diseases and disorders. 
  4. Men have more gametes than females. Men can produce 500 billion sperm in their life where’s females have 1 to 2 million eggs when they are born and left with 300,000 to 400,000 when they reach puberty. From them,  only 300 to 400 are ovulated. 
  5. Contraceptive methods are not new invention. They were sorted to use 4000 years ago. According to one of the journal, Egyptians used to apply honey on vagina of woman and let her lay down on sodium carbonate bed to control birth rate. 
  6. Before 17th century, male reproductive terms were used to describe female reproductive systems and organs because the scientists of that time viewed the two as one.
  7. Infertility is common. If a couple cannot become pregnant after a year of sex, then medicine experts consider the couple infertile. In United States, one couple is infertile out of 6 couples, according to the studies of 2013.
  8. Animals have different reproductive systems. Female kangaroo have three vaginas and make kangaroos have two penis. Whereas birds do not have penis and vagina. They have cloaca, a single opening to discharge waste and eggs. 
  9. Sometimes two tubes of uterus do not join and become one. They remain separated but work functionally. Recently, a woman gave birth to twins who developed in each uterus separately in their wombs. This condition is called uterus didelphys. 
  10. In 17th and 18th centuries, the boys were castrated in order to keep their voice high-pitched and singer like. 

So,  these are some interesting and basic facts about the reproductive system. Although the system is not so important, it helps you to make your family and live a happy life.