Top Vape Tricks That Will Surely Impress Your Friends

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of vaping, why not try something more adventurous? Adding creative vape tricks to your repertoire makes your vaping experience even more enjoyable and entertaining. If you want to impress your friends, here are the best vape tricks for you: Visit this website to buy disposable pods.

Trick #1: The ghost inhale:

Perhaps the easiest trick to learn, the ghost inhale creates a visible “ghost” of vapor that disappears almost instantly. Simply take a drag, hold it for a couple of seconds, then forcefully push the vapor out of your mouth while simultaneously pulling it back in.

Trick #2: The French inhale:

This iconic trick starts similarly to the ghost inhale—takes a pull, hold it for a few seconds, and release the vapor from your mouth. But instead of sucking it back in, tilt your chin upwards and slowly inhale the vapor through your nose. The result looks like a snake slithering upwards!

Trick #3: The dragon:

Show off your beast mode by exhaling vapor through both your nose and mouth simultaneously, forming four streams of smoke flowing in opposite directions. Close your lips around the vape tip while taking a drag, and then open your mouth and nostrils to emit the vapor.

Trick #4: The waterfall:

Transform your vapor into a cascading waterfall illusion by placing your hand palm-down over a glass partially filled with cold water, creating a concave space. After taking a drag, exhale gently through your fingers, releasing vapor into the cup. Slowly lift your hand, allowing the vapor to escape through the rim and roll down the sides like a falling waterfall.

Trick #5: The tornado:

Combine the dragon technique with a steady hand movement to create a mini tornado. Position your vape tip vertically close to a tabletop or flat surface, exhale vapor forcefully through your nose and mouth, and simultaneously sweep the vapor upward in a circular motion. Timing and precision are crucial here.

Trick #6: The O’s:

Create perfectly formed circles of vapor by making an ‘O’ shape with your mouth and flicking your tongue upward. Focus on projecting a concentrated burst of vapor from the center of your mouth while maintaining lip tension. Once comfortable with static Os, practice moving them around or stacking multiple rings.