How to train teachers?

Teachers are also human. They also need some trainings and relaxations after teaching for hours and years. They need some refreshment and trainings to get some knowledge of child psychology and child development. They need to learn, unlearn and relearn many things to come up with some new methods of teaching or to update their skills. 

There are many ways to train teachers and make them better day by day in their profession. Some of the ways in which they can be trained are:

Workshops: It is the responsibility of a school and educational centre to organize different workshops for teachers in which they are lectured on how they can update themselves as teachers and how they can improve their skills. In these workshops, they should be given different hand-outs and booklets which would have some techniques to teach different children in a same classroom. They should be told out about introducing personalization in classrooms and technology in lectures and teaching. They should be told relation between fun and learning so that they can improve their skills and nurture better humans by making her or his classroom to work as platform for them.

Panel Discussions: Schools’ administration should call child psychologist, counsellors, educationists and writers to work on single platform and have panel discussions that how can teachers change their classrooms and why they should change the syllabus and curriculum of every subject. There need to have discussions on what problems they are facing nowadays while teaching. There is need to have discussion on why they are facing problem to teach kids of this time. These all problems need attention and they are required to be solved because they are the main building blocks of educational system who fulfills the biggest responsibility of turning children into better humans who would have ability to run this world and control the pace of this world.

Books and materials: Schools are required to provide materials to their teachers and professors. They should have library resources for teachers too which they can use for free to nourish their minds and update their skills. These books should consist of novels and books that can teach them a lot about brain of child, their development and what they need. In this way, they would learn to come up with something new and different that can excite the whole class. 

So, these are few things which should be provided to teachers but besides all of this, there should have arts and crafts Dubai too for them so that they can enjoy and relax themselves too by painting what is going on in their minds and brains.

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