History check for coffee

Brewing your coffee in the mornings is probably one of those habits which you seem to have slipped into easily and now perform without even thinking or giving it a second though because it is the job of the coffee to help you start thinking. This is why here we have got some fascinating history check for all our coffee lovers:

  • Coffee beans aren’t actually beans but instead a seed from cherry like berries which are often found in flowering shrubs. Coffee beans got labelled as beans due to its uncanny resemblances to the legume like structure which made the referencing easier somehow.
  • As mentioned above, coffee beans seem to come from cherries and yes you can very easily and simply munch on the cherries. In fact, the pulp from the cherries also used to be fermented to create a type of wine which was enjoyed thoroughly by everyone considering its coffee-ish flavour.
  • As we differentiate between dark chocolate and chocolate, the same way coffee lovers can differentiate between Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is much common coffee spice grown as compared to Robusta as Robusta is slightly bitter and high in caffeine yet enjoyed by true coffee lovers.
  • Brazil is leading the race of growing and catering almost a third of world’s whole population’s coffee needs. So ask your coffee beans supplier Abu Dhabi to hand you the finest one from Brazil.
  • Yes it is true that coffee addicts seem to overdose on caffeine which can be quite dangerous but don’t worry as in order to reach that stage you would have to achieve the target of drinking almost 30 cups in a very short period of time. Don’t even try as it can be pretty gruesome.
  • We all know the amazing health benefits coffee provides and according to a research, people who intake healthy amounts of coffee during the day seem to have a healthier and longer life span than those who don’t.
  • When you hear someone say they are on decaf, it doesn’t mean they have completely eliminated caffeine, instead it simply means that their consumption of amount of caffeine is lower than the regular cup. So it is basically a myth which now has been busted.

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