Different kinds of internet packages

The Internet unites individuals in immense numbers and gives a channel to articulation Be that as it may, educators and understudies have started utilizing long range interpersonal communication locales to work together, strengthen, and instruct educational plan. Internet is now being used for education and enhancing knowledge along with many other benefits. To get more knowledge you should have Du internet package offer so that you will get your desired knowledge. There are different kinds of package are provided by Du internet company. You can find out here now:

Pre-paid package: These are the packages for which you have to pay in advance and then enjoy the facility. You can pay for the whole month or you can have a weekly package. You can choose whatever you want according to your daily internet need. If you are a scholar then you will need more internet bits per second than a middle school student. In the same way if you are a freelancer or a blogger then you need more internet and fast speed than the normal user.

Post-paid package: For these packages you pay after the usage of your daily data. You can use whatever amount of bits you want and at the end of the month you will get the bill to pay according to your usage.

People mostly use pre-paid packages so that they will know how much time they can spend on the internet. It is also handy because you don’t need to worry at the end of month if you use more than what you expect. There are several other plans available for the mobile users under the umbrella of pre-paid plans. These are as follows:

Per month plans: These plans are for a month. They may include different kinds of internet minutes. Like you may have 100 video call minutes, 1000 MBs of Watsapp and 1000 MBs general internet in a one month plan. This is just a general description to give you the idea.

Per week plans: Weekly plans are also available for people who want more internet data. They can renew their plans every week.

Per day plans: Per day plans are available for people who need internet data once in a while or if they suffer from shortage of data during monthly or weekly plans.

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