5 Retail Layout Secrets That Can Boost Your Business Sales

The blood and life of a retail store is their customers. Without their target market, it would be impossible for their business to exist and thrive. That is why a lot of retail store owners are doing their best to drive customers to their brick and mortar store, including making their retail layout a fit to enhance customer engagement.

To help you with your sales prospects, here are some retail store layout secrets from the best interior design companies in Dubai that can assist in boosting your store performance:

  • Create an arresting impression


The first thing that you need to do to pique the interest of your market and passersby is to get their attention. More often than not, consumers are attracted to big signs with bright colors. This marketing strategy is known to catch attention. This is ideal for big stores. If you have a small retail space, what you can do is to create an illusion that the store is fully stocked. You can use narrower shelves with shorter pegs and placed them at eye-level.


Also, do not forget your window displays. A lot of shoppers tend to check out a retail store due to an impressive display on store windows.


  • Think counter-clockwise


There have been studies that indicated that consumers are most likely to move their eyes to the right as they enter the store. If that is the case, the layout should follow the direction of the eye, which is counter-clockwise. This can help you determine the proper placing of the products. Put the priority items that you want to offer in that direction so it will catch the attention of the shoppers first.


  • Direct them subtly


You can use your store layout to subtly direct your store visitors to point of sale area, which is the end of the aisle. One of the most common mistakes that most retail store owners commit is leading the customers nowhere. Be sure that your point of sale area is utilized to complete the sales funnel. You can either design it to convince the consumer to purchase the product or lead them to a new aisle where other products are being offered.


  • Avoid long aisle


You might think that a long aisle is the way to go. But most of the time, consumers just look around it and leave. It might be because there are no breaks to stop the consumers from walking. You need to put break or stations in the middle of the aisle to break the cycle, like putting a display to catch attention.

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